Burnaby is a community that hosts several neighborhoods that are unique and is a home to some of the best universities in British Columbia. With over 225,000 people living in Burnaby, one shouldn’t be surprised that there are many types of insects and pests found in British Columbia so some of wildlife animals, pests and insects can also invade homes and workplaces in such a community. The pests, which include rodents, insects, birds and even large critters, cannot be dealt with without professional help, that’s where Alpine Pest Control Ltd, the foremost pest control expert in Burnaby, comes in. Experts from Alpine Pest control Ltd available at your service anytime 7 days a week in Burnaby BC.

Ant control

ants control burnaby

Usually Ants live in yards and gardens. They look for areas where they can attain water and starts moving into the homes. Ants dig walkways to create their nests in the moist surface, like damp wood. These insects can cause stern damage before homeowners notice them. Carpenter ants chew through the woodwork like no man’s business, and odorous ants spread their foulness everywhere they go. Pharaoh ants and other pests can invade homes and commercial buildings. Ants start creating their nests in damp woods, under baseboards and wall voids. Dealing with them alone is not what you can do, which is why you should leave it to the experts to handle. Our experts have great ability to deal with various types of ants.

Hornet and Wasps control

hornet and wasps control burnaby

Due to stinging nature hornets and wasps can turn any pleasant occasion like parties, picnics to a nightmare. You wouldn’t want such an occurrence to happen to you and your loved ones. That is why we get invited to properties that are affected by these insects, and we swing instantly into action by employing our knowledge and expertise to drive them off your property. Whether you are a homeowner or a business man looking for wasps and hornet nest removal in Burnaby BC, you rely on the exceptional skills of Professionals at Alpine Pest Control Ltd.

Rodent, Mice Rat Control

rodent control burnaby

Burnaby residents depend solely on Alpine Pest Control Ltd, to help in getting rid of rodents, mice, and rats which are constantly infesting homes and workplaces in Burnaby BC. We follow eco-friendly methods and mostly use baits/traps. Although, there are many rat and mice control baits and traps available in the market but we use only best reliable products to eliminate rats effectively. Rodents are known for spreading several diseases and spoiling food items. Whether you need rodent, rat or mice control for farms, gardens, homes or offices, our experienced pros completely examine your infested areas, eliminate the problem completely and close all possible entry access points to prevent future invasions.

Bird control

bird control burnaby

Birds don’t care about where they poop, and that is why you can easily get frustrated when you find bird poop everywhere on your sundeck or above the door. Sparrow, pigeons, and seagulls are nearly always the culprit here, and the only way to get rid of them without them returning is to get in touch with the best pest control experts in Burnaby. Alpine Pest Control Ltd will do the job efficiently for you. We use top quality bird spikes to keep seagulls and pigeon way from your premises.

Raccoon removal

raccoon removal burnaby

Raccoons are part of the animal pests that disturb the folks at Burnaby. Raccoons can cause serious damage to different home structures, spoil food items and spread several diseases. To remove them from your property requires the expertise of professionals, and that is where Alpine Pest Control ltd comes in. Our experts will do their best to rid your property of raccoons within a very short time. Our professionals have great experience when it comes to trapping and removing raccoons from your premises in addition to closing off possible entry points of your property completely. Our company is reputed for delivering most reliable and affordable raccoon removal services in Burnaby BC.

Cockroach Control

cockroach control burnaby

Cockroaches are found in many types. Cockroaches / roaches are frequently witnessed near water and food sources like drains and sinks in the kitchen. Cockroaches can hide easily especially due to nocturnal nature these pests remain out of view mostly. Cockroach might invade your home or office in a variety of ways including but not limited to: through openings around drainpipes, cracks close to doors and windows. One should not wait once cockroach are seen crawling on the floors since they can reproduce rapidly and can also rely on wide range of food resources making them more resilient. If you are looking for effective cockroach control in Burnaby you can expect more than a quality service from us. Get in touch with experts for most effective and affordable cockroach control in Burnaby.

Bedbug control

bebdug control burnaby

Bedbugs can travel from one location to another rapidly through old furniture, luggage and various other ways. If you are not sure you got bedbugs you may ask our experts for free inspection, once bedbug infestation is confirmed it is important to eliminate the problem immediately as these insects can reproduce so fast and spread across the other areas of home. Our company is a leading resource when it comes to bedbug control in Burnaby BC, as we offer stress-free solutions, free inspection, reasonable prices and effective treatments.

Our devotion to quality service and exceptional support has made us a high value mark in pest control business. Our prices are incredibly low as compared to the quality of service. There is no better pest control organization in Burnaby than Alpine Pest Control Ltd.

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