One of the oldest cities in British Columbia is New Westminster, (dubbed the royal city) and Queen Victoria herself gave the name. It is a community that is rich in both tradition and history. Despite this, however, the community is not left out of the menace caused by the presence of animal pests. This is the primary reason why the Alpine Pest Control Ltd is always busy, doing their best to rid the homes of residents of this city and its surrounding communities of pests such as rats, mice, birds, insects, skunks, squirrels, etc.

As one of the Leading Pest Control Company, Team from Alpine Pest control Ltd has been doing best in controlling pests in the Royal City. The goal of the company is to ensure that Mother Nature’s little friends are kept away from the residents of the Royal City by dealing with them efficiently and swiftly. Everyone likes to sleep peacefully and it wouldn’t happen while these pests and wildlife animals like raccoon, moles running around causing havoc within these houses when the residents are supposed to be resting or enjoying quality time with their family. This is the reason why they always depend on the services of Alpine Pest control to deal with pests.

Rodent, Mice Rat Control

rodent control new westminster

Rodents/rats and mice might cause serious stress to Residents of New Westminster since these pests are likely to consume any kind of spoiled food materials and known for spreading several diseases in additional to causing physical structural damage to property. Nobody would like having mice, rats running all over the place within their homes and outside. Professionals from Alpine Pest control have excellent expertise to help you get rid of rodent in environment friendly manner.

Ant control

ants control new westminster

Being one of the ancient species on planet, ants have several types. Some of these types also cause structural damage and can become a serious annoyance at home and workplace once these tiny insects establish their colonies. Carpenter ants, odorous ants and a host of other species are challenges faced by residents of Royal City, which is why they leave it to the experts at Alpine pest control to deal decisively with the ants.

Hornet and Wasps control

hornet and wasps control new westminster

None of these insects are welcome anywhere as they can cause serious pain when they start stinging. There are many types of wasps and their nests sizes vary depending upon its type. Wasps usually use spoil food stuff, beverages and garbage as a food resource. Although most of wasp species are not aggressive but disturbing their nests can get them provoked and lead to a serious damage. Alpine Pest Control Ltd is a great resource to contact for controlling flying insects.

Bird control

bird control new westminster

Birds are known for their penchant to mess up any place they reside. Seagulls, pigeons and sparrows are the major culprits here and at Alpine Pest control, we know the exact methods we can employ to get rid of them for good.

Squirrels - Wildlife – Raccoon Removal

raccoon removal new westminster

Neglecting squirrels, wildlife animals like raccoon and moles might turn into a big stress since wildlife animals can steal away the beauty of your lawn or garden by damaging turf and chewing plants and also found damaging building structures. Raccoon utilize garbage and dumpsters as a food resource, wildlife animals might carry different diseases as well. Whether you are encountering raccoons, moles or squirrels you can call us anytime for help. We offer raccoon, wildlife and squirrels removal at affordable rates without compromising on the quality of service.

Bedbug control

bebdug control new westminster

These small insects prey on human bloods and any warm-blooded animal, using their saliva these insects go detected while traveling on human body. Usually found in the bedroom mattresses, furniture, electric boards, cervices & cracks, due to smaller size bedbugs are often quite difficult to see. Bedbugs are not flying insects but are great travelers these tiny insects are resilient can survive for months without food and can travel from one room to another rapidly. If you suspect you have bedbugs in your house, you can call Alpine Pest Control Ltd Professional for a free inspection. Our Experts are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help you better. Consult is anytime for Bedbug control in New Westminster.

All our professionals are highly trained and fully certified to cater any pets control issue in a safe and effective manner either big or small. We follow eco-friendly practices to ensure safety of the environment, your family and pets.

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