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There are varieties of pest problems faced by Homeowners in Richmond. The types of pest problems differ according to the season and distinctive situations around different houses such as Richmond homeowners may experience fleas, earwigs, spiders, wasps or ants in the summer while beetles rodents and ladybugs in search of lodging invade into the homes in the fall. People living in multi-family homes might experience cockroaches and ants. Different kinds of pests often come from the basements and move up inside the walls. Bedbugs can come through backpacks, laundry bags, sports bags etc. Richmond is a beautiful island that thrives as a result of the protection of a diking system as well as the availability of rich earth in Lower Mainland. As a result of the fertile land that has produced abundance of agricultural products year in year out, a lot of wildlife animals and pests have made the island their home, and the Richmond folks are not finding it funny at all. This is why the residents of Richmond depend on Alpine Pest control Ltd, one of the leading pest control company in Richmond reputed for affordable and reliable solutions.

Rodent, Mice Rat Control

rodent control richmond

If you are the one disturbed by rodents, rats or mice and looking for reliable and affordable solutions, look no further!! At Alpine Pest Control Ltd we got you covered. Roof rats, Norway rats and mice are some of the most notorious rodents found in Richmond. Everyone hates the disturbances and discomfort rodents cause at their homes or businesses, and that is more than enough reasons for Richmond folks to call in Alpine Pest Control Ltd, experts to deal with the rodents. This is just because we know the best methods to use in eliminating these pests faster and ecologically.

Raccoon removal

raccoon removal richmond

In some cases raccoons are notorious for wreaking indescribable serious destruction to properties, damage the beauty of lawns, and spread several diseases by creating unhygienic environment. These wildlife animals are mostly known for invading urban homes while searching for food and shelter. Typically raccoon invasion is easy to identify often during the night. Since getting rid of them on your own can be very dangerous, our experts are the best to be invited at such a critical time. They will remove the raccoon without any trouble. We offer best affordable raccoon removal services in Richmond BC.

Ant control

ants control richmond

Ant infestation is a most common concern for many homeowners and commercial clients all year round. These tiny insects cause mess indoors and out. Odorous ants, carpenter ants as well as sidewalk ants are not friendly pests at all. Carpenter ants can destroy your home by chewing through the woodwork. Our professionals carefully examine the situation and locate nesting site, once nests are eliminated, ants will not come back or regroup. Only commercial-grade chemicals and expert knowledge can help in getting these ants off your property.

Bird control

bird control richmond

Our experts possess exceptional knowledge and use best products (e.g. bird spikes) to make sure birds like seagulls, pigeons are not pooping near your home or workplace. As compared to the quality service we offer our bird control solutions costs much less. We can present excellent references of residential and commercial clients we served during last years. You will be super with highest quality standards we offer when you need bird control in Burnaby. You can consult any time and discuss your needs.

Silverfish Control

silverfish control richmond

Silverfish likes to reside in damp & dark areas like attics, bathroom, basements and kitchen. Usually found in stored boxes located in sheds and garages these primitive and wingless insects have capability to survive in most climates. Silverfish must be treated by experienced professionals since most of DIY methods don’t seems to be working and often traps available in the market are designed for specific type of insects. If you are looking for effective silverfish control in Richmond BC, you just need to schedule an appointment with our professionals who will assess the situation and help you better in eliminating the whole silverfish population from your premises.

Cockroach Control

cockroach control richmond

Cockroaches/Roaches cause trouble to many homeowners while crawling in the kitchen and sink areas, spoiling food items and spreading different diseases. Have you tried all traditional methods and still facing cockroach infestation? Why not try Alpine Pest Control Ltd Professionals available at your service at reasonable rates offering reliable solutions by using best products and techniques when you are looking for cockroach control in Richmond BC.

Our pros can help you seal off all entry points since sealing off possible entry access points is super important when it comes to preventing future pest invasions. We strive to utilize best products and eco-friendly methods, keeping the environment safe while removing pests from your property. When it comes to efficiency, results, and safety, Alpine Pest Control Ltd, is your best option.

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