Many types of pests affect Surrey homes and workplaces. Quite often some of these pests move into homes or commercial buildings while searching for shelter and food while others might be passed through shipping boxes and luggage. These pests come in a variety of ways, can come via shipping boxes, luggage and other unusual ways. If you are looking for affordable pest control solutions or exterminator in Surrey, Look no further! You can count on Alpine Pest control Ltd for all your pest control needs. We use eco-friendly & effective approach and affordable rates above all exceptional support.

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rodent control surrey
Rats and mice affect usually in the fall, we receive a lot more phone calls about rodent control than some other services we provide, simply because you got it right! No one can think of allowing rats or mice infest workplace and homes. Norway rats, roof rats create nuisance for many homeowners in surrey. Identifying the type of rodent is a super important aspect in elimination process. Experts at alpine pest control ltd, possess sound knowledge to help you with any type of mice rodent or rat infestations. Our dedicated specialists are highly trained and understand different rodent behaviors what enables us to become a leading rodent control service providers in surrey.


ants control surrey
There are approx. 100 types of ants exists in Canada several of these ants are found in Surrey. Most of them live outside in gardens and yards while some get into homes for food. Some categories of ants like pharaoh create nests as they get into homes. Sometimes these ants can be hard to exterminate especially carpenter ants. We make use best products and our excellent knowledge to ensure effective eradication of ants from your premises. We have a excellent history of offering effective carpenter ants removal. Regardless of the type of ant infestation you can deal with any challenging situation.


wasps control surrey
Pest threats increase as the seasons change. Stinging insects like wasps issues often increase in the warm weather. Especially yellow jacket wasps and hornets can cause serious damage. These creatures can ruin your parties & picnics and cause serious troubles especially when they start stinging. Wasps control or removal is not so easy that anyone can do so services of experienced professionals play an important role. Professionals from Alpine pest control have great experience in dealing with flying insects issues especially removing yellow jacket wasp nests. We can help you get rid of wasp nest safely.


squirrel control surrey
Squirrels can cause several problems including tearing apart insulation, chewing wires and gnawing wooden windows frame. Because of destructive behaviors of Squirrels many residents seek squirrel removal solutions in surrey, our experts strive to eliminate the root cause of the problem by sealing possible entry points using traps so they can’t invade your premises. Sealing possible entry points is the key to effective squirrel removal therefore our professionals carry out a thorough inspection & close possible entry points.


raccoon removal surrey
Raccoon removal is tricky and must be left to the hands of experienced professionals. Easily recognizable animals with their masked faces can give tough time to any homeowner. Let our experienced professionals inspect thoroughly remove raccoons and close off entry points of your property for good. We offer affordable & efficient raccoon removal solutions in surrey.


bird control surrey
Seagulls, Pigeons, and sparrows add beauty to nature but can cause mess for homeowners and business environments especially when these birds start pooping just above the door of your house or near the window of your office. As a leading bird control specialists in surrey, we offer wide range of bird exclusion solutions according to your needs no matter residential or commercial.