Ants Control: Common Ants in Vancouver BC

How can I protect my home from ants? Pest Control Professionals hear these lines often from many homeowners. Ants invade home or building while searching food and shelter. People hastily try to treat them which might turn into disaster. Ants develop colonies which consist of numerous workers inside. A colony of ant contains Short-lived male ants, egg-laying female (queen) ants and (sterile) female worker ants.

Workers usually keep seeking food resources. The ants you usually see in kitchen or garden are Female Workers. These female workers upon hitting the jackpot (food resource) communicate with other workers through a special Chemical message and other ants finally reach the food resource. Ants also develop wings in spring season and fly to different locations and keep invading homes in search of food. Detecting infestation type is vital when controlling Ants.
There are many species of Ants; common types are highlighted as follow.


This specie of ant is usually about 1.58 cm long having different combination of colors like red and black, black and brown, black but two common species exhibit black color. These ants are very common in Vancouver BC even in British Columbia. Black Carpenter ants, Black & Reddish brown Carpenter Ants are the most famous in British Columbia. If ignored, these ants can become a high value target for many home owners since these ants tend to affect the structures in a building. Carpenter ants usually dig wood structures to develop their nests; these nests may be expanded to several different areas in the building.

These ants target sweets and different insects as a food resource. As this type of ant is not easy to control so a Professional Pest Control Services should be hired. /p>

Pavement Ants/h3>

This type of ant is normally 3mm long in size exhibit brown color. As pretty clear form the name Pavement Ants tend to develop their nests in soil, yards, sidewalks etc. Colonies developed by Pavement Ants are easily seen. In case of home infestation, Foundational areas and deep block foundations are the areas where these ants make their nests usually. Soil found beneath the baseboards, or on garage floor etc. are the common symptoms that these ants have infested your premises.
Controlling Pavement Ants is a daunting task so services of Pest Control Professional must be acquired to eliminate them effectively.

Pharaoh Ants

Very tiny creature of about 1 to 3 mm length might confuse you with other types. These ants are usually of yellow color. Controlling Pharaoh Ants and elimination is very challenging, if attempted to control carelessly may result in dispersion. This type of ant is detected in exclusive places like curtain rods, inside irons and small boxes, under roofing gravels etc. This type of Ant must be treated carefully through effective use of baits.

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You can Call Alpine Pest Control Vancouver with confidence to eliminate ants. Cervices and cracks must be sealed in order to stop ant infiltration. Usually baits treatments are effective for ant invasion. There are several baits available in the market for controlling different types of ants.

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