Things you must know about mice control!


Sometimes in life, you may encounter small tiny pests with rounded ears, pointed snout & scaly tail called mice in home or office. this is of course not a pleasant experience since mice carry different diseases can cause health issues, spoil your food items further also affect wooden building structures of your premises. Droppings of mice contain several bacteria & viruses, Which is another reason you should take mice control seriously.

Mice control is a high-value concern in Vancouver and nearby areas especially in fall and winter

In winter & fall, your home and apartment can become a safe warmth shelter & resource of food for mice. In these seasons mice control issue become a high-value concern for homeowners and business owners because if the issue is neglected it can lead to further proliferation of mice and the consequences might be more adverse.

Common causes of Mice invasion

Usually, small holes in the walls, opened chimneys & pipes, cracks in floors and poor sanitization favors mice infestation and once these tiny creatures find the environment safe and resourceful proliferation process starts which cause more trouble. Keeping the home and office environment well sanitized and sealing the possible entry points like cracks, holes in the walls, pipes and chimneys is a good practice when it comes to mice control.

When things go worst!

Adaptable to almost any environment and food resource these tiny creatures can survive easily. The situation becomes worst when your premises attracted mice in large numbers and become a safe haven for its growth in other words mice invasion has established strong roots in your home or office premises. Mice invasion can be identified by witnessing droppings around cupboards, drawers, nearby food packages, in kitchen and bathroom under the sink, underneath the furniture, stale smell, signs of chewing on electric wires & food stuff.

Mice control Options & Methods

Once mice infestation is noticed there are several options depending on the circumstances you may consider to eliminate mice from your property. Today there are varieties of traps available you may use to eliminate the mice infestation. In addition, there are bait & poisons available but using chemical or mouse poison method is considered controversial. You may also consider hiring the services of a professional mice exterminator.

Regardless of the type of mice infestation, you are facing, hiring the services of professional pest Control Company is highly preferred and convenient instead of doing mice control yourself. Since you are not an expert, you may get confused what type of mice control method should be used without having an idea of mice invasion you are facing. Professional Mice exterminator can examine the site carefully, precisely and understand what type of mice control method should be used depending upon the situation. It saves you from a lot of hassle like getting finger injured while setting up a trap or removing mice with its head cut in a trap while having a meal is probably not a good idea.

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